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EmBe (Empowering You to Be) - Sioux Falls

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EmBe Summer Camps offer a fun, interactive and unique experience for youth all summer long!  Check out all our camp options below:


Babysitting Camp

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are now offering a Virtual Babysitting Camp option

In Person Camp: This 2-day camp will give each potential babysitter hands on training with the children in our EmBe childcare center, which makes our babysitter training camp a unique experience! Plus, they'll learn about keeping children safe, which toys and foods are appropriate for different age groups, diapering babies and so much more! All campers will receive infant and child CPR and first aid skills and will take home a portable first aid kit along with other goodies!  (this camp does not offer CPR certification)  Camp costs includes a t-shirt and healthy snack each day.  Participants bring their own sack lunch each day.


Virtual Camp Option: Virtual Babysitting Camp will include all of the same amazing experiences as if your child was sitting in our classroom.  Our partnership with the nationally recognized babysitting course, “Smart Kids: Babysitting 101”, will continue to give each babysitter the knowledge they need to become the best babysitter on their block.  They will also learn through videos from our childcare staff on topics like keeping children safe, which toys and foods are appropriate for different age groups, feeding babies and so much more! All campers will receive infant and child CPR and first aid skills taught by our certified staff. (This camp does not CPR certify anyone, we just teach the basics)   This virtual camp option will be held over 4 days’ time ending with a live Zoom where all participants will have an opportunity to participate in a Q and A session.  Each day will be about an hour long and will cover new topics and activities.  After registering you will receive your Babysitting Camp packet.  This packet will include everything you will need to successfully complete our virtual camp.  Items will include your Babysitting 101 workbook, a tote bag, camp t-shirt, colored pencils, fabric markers, first aid kit, an EmBe open swim pool punch card* and an additional resource packet filled with coloring sheets, easy recipes and crafts.  *The open swim punch card is only available for those participating in the virtual babysitting camp, as this was to replace the swim time that we can offer during in-person camp.   


EmBe Girl Ignited™ leadership camp

This is a unique 4-day camp experience that will give girls in grades 6-8 an opportunity to learn what leadership means, and how to be a leader amongst their peers, at school, and in the community. They'll be given the opportunity to meet, witness in action, and engage in conversation with women in our community in leadership roles and who have chosen non-traditional career paths. Girls also will learn leadership and teambuilding skills through a ropes challenge course at the YMCA Leif Ericson campsite. Each girl will participate in the Real Colors Personality Assessment, giving the girls an opportunity to learn about themselves and how to communicate with others around them.  Dream boards are created for the girls to set goals and continue working towards those. The girls will also learn from professionals in personal finance, and have opportunities to learn about giving back in community service.  Camp costs includes t-shirt and healthy snack each day. Participants bring their own sack lunch each day.


Here are some examples of women we have met and experiences we have had in this camp in past summers:

The Women in IT Program at Citi: learned how the advancement in technology is shaping our world all starting in Sioux Falls

The GEAR Center at The University Center: visited with nationally recognized researchers working on tissue scaffolding to replace live organ donation 

The Teddy Bear Den, The Banquet & various other local non-profits where we discuss the importance of serving our communities and also gave our time helping with a project

Click Rain (internet marketing): visited with the owner and staff sharing their story and how to positively market yourself, personal branding, personal website design

Sanford Promise Lab:  met with females in research at Sanford and toured the facility

Sioux Falls Police Women, Sioux Falls Fire Women, City Council Women and County Professionals: toured city and county facilities learning about local, state and national government operations

Koch-Hazard Architects: They gave us a fabulous architectural tour of Sioux Falls

KDLT - heard from women in television and got a behind the scenes tour of the station


Camp ChangeMaker

Young people are powerful voices in creating change in our community. Camp ChangeMaker’s mission is to educate middle school boys and girls about serious issues affecting our community and explore how they can help find lasting solutions.  During camp, we will learn about local organizations and non-profits to gain an understanding of their mission, how they operate and how they serve our community.  We will also help with a hands-on project so each camper will walk away with the knowledge on how they can share their time and talents within our community. We want to help our campers find their voice and take action! Camp costs includes a t-shirt and healthy snack each day.  Participants bring their own sack lunch each day.

Camp GOTR 

The June 22-25 Camp GOTR is currently full. We will be holding another Camp GOTR from July 13-16. Please use this link to sign-up: https://www.raceplanner.com/register/index/EmBe-Camp-GOTR

Camp GOTR combines everything that makes the nationally recognized Girls on the Run program effective with all the fun of summer camp! During the 4-day camp, rising 3rd – 5th grade girls will enjoy building friendships in a fun and inclusive setting that includes interactive games, being physically active, and expressing creativity through arts and crafts and storytelling. Led by qualified Girls on the Run staff and coaches, Camp GOTR provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all girls, including girls with a disability, to develop self-confidence, have fun with friends, and learn life skills they can use now and as they grow. Girls are invited to participate in Camp GOTR, regardless of whether or not they have participated in Girls on the Run during the school year.  Camp includes a t-shirt and healthy snack each day.  Participants should bring a sack lunch each day.   


The 'Girls have Power' Curriculum:

During camp, girls will learn about the power they possess to recognize emotions in themselves and others, and how to express their feelings through fun and interactive activities such as “Emotion Detective”, building workshops, creative skits, and more! The girls will spend the afternoon meeting local female leaders and learning about leadership and career opportunities.



We will not turn anyone away based on inability to pay. If you are in need of financial assistance, please click here to leave this page and fill out a scholarship application.


Registration Details

Program Registration Fees (includes applicable sales tax)

Virtual Babysitting Camp June 1 - 4 Ages 10 - 14 $90.53 Open
Virtual Babysitting Camp June 8 - 11 Ages 10 - 14 $90.53 Open
Babysitting Camp: June 17 - 18 Ages 10 - 14 $90.53 Waiting List
Camp GOTR - Girls Have Power: June 22 - 25 Girls grades 3 - 5 $133.13 Closed
Camp Changemaker: July 20 - 23 Ages 10 - 14 $79.88 Open
Babysitting Camp Aug 4-5 Ages 10 - 14 $90.53 Waiting List