TTQ Summer Program 2021

Arbor Circle

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Amidst the current global pandemic, we're excited to be providing Total Trek Quest this summer. We're planning on adapting program content throughout the season, as we adjust to your needs, and to your feedback.  In addition to receiving support from staff members throughout the season, here are the adaptations we've made to adjust  to the current circumstances:


- Livestreaming parts of practices

- Adapting curriculum content to be used in a family-style setting

- Having virtual platforms providing TTQ program content to families


TTQ is a fun, high energy program designed exclusively for male-identified students in 3rd-5th grade! TTQ incorporates strength and stretching exercises with training for a 5K. Participants in this program will develop positive peer relationships, and feel a part of a team while working toward individual goals. Additional practice activities focus on developing a healthy lifestyle, social/relationship skills, how to make healthy choices, and resisting peer pressure.

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Program Registration Fees

M/T: Helder Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
M/T: Pottawattomie Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
M/T: Riverfront Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
M/TH: Lincoln Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
M/TH: Ransom Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
M/W: Branstrom Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open
M/W: Rycenga Park Grades 3-5 $45.00 Open