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At Girls on the Run, we believe that running can change you.  Running teaches lessons about goal setting, perseverence, motivation and inspiration.  The young girls in our program train for a big race, overcome obstacles, and cross the finish line with a new outlook on themselves and their lives.  As you embark on your next athletic journey, consider what athletic accomplishment means to you.


SoleMates is the charity running division of Girls on the Run® and uses the power of running to make a difference for our girls.  Teams or individuals (men and women) raise money to support our program while pursuing their own goals such as running a 5K, 10K or marathon, or completing a triathlon.  Athletes can participate in any event (separate registration for chosen event is required) and the money raised helps pay scholarships for financially challenged girls. We provide you with fundraising and training support along the way and you will be rewarded with the same sense of success that our girls feel when they cross the finish line.


What a great way to share the love of running with the next generation!

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SoleMates Registration-$26.00

SoleMates Registration Girls on the Run $26.00 Open